About John

Who is this guy?
Mainly an IT (web design & software engineering) professional with love and devotion on his job. A passionate hard-worker. Seeker of innovation and progress. A new path is always over the next corner!

What does he like? A "constant change" and "seek for the details" enthusiast. As if it's not the destination but the journey that counts more.
Dislikes? The limits. All kind of them. Geographical, social, mind, artistic. And whatever mainstream... it's not for him.

Art? Yes, he loves art. Understands some forms of art, loves even more, appreciates all of them.

It all started with music a long time ago and then it was with photography. Mainly an urban and travel photographer, loves freezing time all around the world; in the streets, on the mountains, by the sea, around large capital cities one day or remoted villages the next, inside buildings or out in the woods, under the sun or the stars.