Feeling and photography... Are we talking of the feeling we get by viewing photos or by making photos? Is it about feeling good or unsure about your photography? Or the feeling you want to communicate to the viewers?

We may then complicate things more with the senses, the emotions, the understanding, the meaning... So it is all about the feeling! As in any kind of art, we have something that is created from the artist's understanding and feeling and chances are that it is addressed to others who will in their turn understand and feel...

What a photographer is getting by looking the world moving behind the camera's viewfinder? What is he trying to show by pausing the time eternally, clicking the camera's shutter button? What is the feeling he gets and what is the feeling he wants to share?

The man from Amsterdam

I have taken this photo in Amsterdam on November 24th 2010. As a photographer, I had the feeling of tranquillity & calmness, capturing this picturesque scenery which reflects the emotion around the canals of the city.

It has been years since I've captured this photo. Checking it from time to time though, the man with the bicycle is always there... waiting... doubting if his loving one will ever come, might enjoying the moment... but he's always there. And I think as if this man will be there forever. Yes, for me as a viewer, this is the feeling... He will be there for a life. It is probably not him exactly but it will always be my man from Amsterdam.