Art in Art

Amazing and difficult... We sometimes fail to identify, remember and understand it. But for sure we always admire it.

Photography is art. Yes, everyone knows this. And it stands equally next to all other forms of art. There is no greater or less significant art. Like well-bred, beloved sisters they stand together, respecting one each other. And when it is show time they get their roles. When they play together, they have roles. As in the movies we have leading and supporting roles or in music we have first and second voices, the same happens when arts must support one each other, co-exist.

When photography is asked to serve music, dance, painting or any other form of art, it has to be professional, humble, well prepared. To give space to the leading actors (the main subjects to be photographed) and help them shine! In this case photography is just the mean. The photographer should feel this; knowing what subject is covering and be aware. Know what the fans (not photography fans) are waiting to see through the photographs. These viewers do not care about photography; they are a different audience, probably with different interests. We need to keep this in mind always while working on such projects.

But for sure it is magic, putting this mixture of arts together in the same pot and in correct portions, blend them together and get this fantastic result! 

Photography of music, costumes, roles

This one is from the Exhibition "Pink Floyd: Their Mortal Remains" in Rome.
Pink Floyd's music all around the place, costumes from their shows, giant grafities on the walls related to their albums, memorabilia from decades of history and an ecstatic photographer. What a blend!

This is art in art!