Rules in photography

Following the basic rules in photography can teach you how to make good photos. It is the safest way to start and have good results. And can make you feel comfortable and content with your new hobby.

For sure, we never ignore these rules. They serve us well as a manual to successful photography. Yes they are. Rule of thirds, framing, patterns & leading lines, symmetry, straight horizons. We have them in mind always.

But then we start feeling the need to create something different... To give our own "taste" to the pictures we make. It is the time when we need to start experimenting and ignoring some rules, in order to make our own style, feel free and enjoy photography at its most!

I find some other issues or ideas more vital and creative than the classic rules... Here I go: Know your subjects(research), shoot in manual mode, know your gear (especially your lenses), photograph from different heights, study colours. Use different angles and perspective. Experiment and improvise.

Be prepared to get disappointed but do not give up. Keep on improvising. Try this "new thing" and the other "new idea" that came in your mind. Photography is for sure rewarding!

Against the rules

Crooked horizon, sun flares, questionable exposure; yes it's all wrong someone might say.
But... it was my style this day. A day I enjoyed photography!