Monuments & landmarks

Travel photography. Exciting it is, no? Well, it can be dead boring taking these same trivial photos again and again. But, what do we do wrong?

Yes, we are all tempted by the idea of photographing these famous landmarks and monuments when we travel. We want to have our own (still identical) picture of them. And we stand in front of them and we press the shutter button again and again as if the Elizabeth tower (aka "Big Ben") is going to disappear in the next minute!
And then you return home and guess what... No, you did not take the photograph you wanted and no, you did not enjoy the result and no, you did not enjoy the moment. Plus you may have missed the landmark itself trying to capture the perfect photograph.

It is time to approach travel photography from a different angle. Monuments and landmarks are fantastic subjects for photography. Yes they are! They can give you excellent photographs because they include "professionalism" in their existence. Professionalism in manufacturing, architecture, aesthetics, everything. And then it is us, the photographers.

Yeap, take these "usual" photos of the building, the stadium, the bridge, the riverside. But not just these. Try to make a few more that include a scenery, include humans, include feelings. The city vibe next to the landmark. The locals and the tourists around it and the way they do appreciate and admire it (or don't).
Be patient, try a different viewpoint, follow your own path. You need to tell a story!

Distract the viewer's eye, excite his imagination and make him feel he is in the photograph, not in front of it.

This taxi on Westminster bridge

Is this a photo of the famous landmark? Or it is a day in the life of a candid taxi driver working in London? Or maybe half the Westminster bridge? It doesn't really matter what story you prefer. I just love the photo.

And I love the Elizabeth tower. And the candid taxi driver.