It is always the case to have a point in photographs. You capture the moment and you tell a whole story through the picture.

As if you were mute, you have no second chance to explain something or add a comment. It is only this simple picture.
And the simpler the photograph is the more unambiguous and definite it gets. Giving too much information will distract the viewer's eye and you will have lost your purpose.

When we make (not take!) pictures, we decide what we want in our frame and then we shall leave outside. It is very important and should be taken under consideration on almost all kind of photographs; portrait, landscapes, documentary... you name it!
Let your viewer see a few and conclude, understand and imagine more.


My humble old fishing boat

I love these photos! I love that they say so many things by including just a few simple elements.

This photography expresses the idea of simplicity. It gives all this information but most of all a strong feeling, by including the minimum of colours and details. It is my humble fishing boat...