Master photography

Some thoughts on how someone can improve as a photographer. And how our comfort zone keeps us stuck!

Photography starts with your eyes... You must be able to see what all other people see but you always imagine, form, create photographs in your head! An enthusiast photographer looks at the world in a way that always is in connection with composition, lighting, scenes, emotions. And he enjoys it! Having this eye is the only thing it takes to be a good photographer. And like you cannot turn a mediocre voice to an opera soprano, you cannot make a poor eye to see this way.

But nobody should be discouraged from getting involved. As if a person shouldn't try to dance if it wasn't to be a professional dancer.

Art is truth! Art if fun! Art is for humans! Art is for everyone! Nobody is excluded from any form of art. It only takes to love something to get involved.

So let's focus on some things that can make our photography trip start and... chances are we can prove ourselves that it was worth it and we reached our goal!

Get a camera... and a kit lense. Do not  think you are starting with your cell phone! Photography is done with cameras and lenses, not cell phones and "funny filter" software
Master your equipment. Read the manuals. Know what your gear can do.
Learn composition and exposure.
Learn aperture, shutter speed ,iso. 
Take your camera everywhere and... practice, practice, make mistakes, practice more...
Discuss/share ideas with other photographers.
Join a course/workshop.

Then it comes with new lenses, better equipment, new locations.

In the meanwhile never forget to have fun and enjoy what you are doing!

And after a long time of engagement it's time to leave your comfort zone. Yes, this is a very serious issue; leaving your comfort zone. This is what will boost you further.

Leaving my comfort zone found me trying street photography. And yes, it was far away from my comfort zone and what a real kick it was! A whole new world out there waiting to be explored. 

Professional photography session (Budapest, Hungary)

Photo from a fashion photography workshop around the castle hill of Buda