There are several ways to master photography. But lets stick for a minute to the perspective in photography and how this affects the photographs we make.

Perspective has to do with the objects that exist in our space (in our frame), how they are put and in some cases how the affect each other. The farther an object is put the smaller it seems. And the more depth it gives to the viewer's eye. It may also seem even smaller if there is an object in the foreground that looks larger because of the relationship between these two objects.
In viewer's eyes, objects seem smaller or larger and lines appear to converge or diverge.

While there are various ways to differentiate perspective like the angle of the lenses we use or placement of objects in the frame, I find exciting sometimes photographing from weird angles and see common scenes from another perspective.

Master perspective and experiment with it. It is mind blowing!

In the restrooms of Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Roma (Feb, 2018)

I found this room triggering my curiosity. I spent a few minutes experimenting with perspective.