See vs Imagine

Fine, this should be one of my favourites. See vs imagine! The picture is there. But the viewer now is trying to form the image in his head instead of looking at it.

Bikers in the fog

The fog is hiding the background which does not let us see what is behind. We cannot see a complete story behind this photograph... At least not easily. But we can form our own story. We can imagine what is next, what happens next. 

But it is not the fog that make this photograph special. It would be just boring this way!

Look for the details... it is two other things.
The first is the sign in front and between the bikers. Yes, there exists a sign that could make our story clear but we cannot see what is on it. And ofcourse it could have been deleted in post-process but that would destroy the idea!
The second... the yellow leading lines. There is nothing more obvious in photography composition and framing than leading lines (as a theory) and in this photograph these lines drive the bikers to their destination but our eyes... to the unknown. To what we now owe to imagine. What is happening behind the fog! 

So, this photograph explains all this idea. The bikers knew exactly where they were going to but the viewer believes his own theory. He believes what the photographer made him imagine.