Here is to think of the most important aspect of photography. Not the equipment, not the photographic style, not the rules. Neither the art details nor the professionalism.

We are talking about the protagonist, the light.

The light in photography is what is oxygen to our lungs and body. The most important. The vital. No light produces no photograph.

The natural light can make photographs bright or dark. It can give soft or strong shaped shadows. It can be light blue early in the morning turning to orange and then yellow as time passes by. And in reverse order as we move to sunset time.
It gives different photographic results on our subject. The hour, the season, the weather, the place we stand, the way we face it, the source of it... all these affect our final result.

And then we have countless effects using the light; light trails, sun flares, light painting, backlighting, artificial lighting ... our inquestionable protagonist is always there! 

Master the light and you have made the most necessary step!


Hydra island, summer of 2014

The light on its usual leading role in photography creating this interesting scenery. The girl, the frame, the sea are just serving in their supporting roles.