Who is this guy behind the camera? Let's step aside and see who we are or what we should be.

So, photography and shyness do not go together. Introversion and discourtesy are not advantages. Laziness and lack of confidence get us nowhere. They do not help us be good photographers. They act like barriers to our creativity.
Humans are not perfect; everyone has flaws. You need to understand and accept your flaws and then either do change or live with them. After all, it is all these little things that will affect your style as a photographer and will formalise the way you are looking at the world. But there are some "materials" that are vital for the photographer. Some things that cannot be missing.

The most basic on my opinion is humanism. A cornerstone of personality, a must have material of any photographer.

Let's focus to street and urban photography. The street photographer is a humanist. He sees people. He loves people. Humans live in his pictures. They are his actors, his superstars. They are candid, they have no name, they may come to the show or may not (a lot of times) but they will always be his protagonists. He loves them not because he must but because this is what the street photographer is; a humanist.


A street, a wall, some colours and the human (Trastevere, Rome)

Humans make our pictures alive. They lend their emotions and feelings to our pictures. They fill our chromatic pallets. In a candid way. But they do.