Personal style

Starting photography is what gets us here. It's easy and obvious. But finding your own style is something of a holy grail in this art. I feel it is an ongoing and never-ending process that is involved and affected by various factors.

Personal style is implemented through every aspect in photography. It starts by choosing the equipment that suits you the most, then it has to do with the subjects and the way you shoot, the kind of photography you want to get involved with, the pace you have as a photographer, the study you do on other photographers, the way you post process your work. Your taste of things.

And it is obviously reflected on the final result; the photographs you make. Consider the work of some famous, well-known photographers such as Erwitt, Metzker, Bresson, Winograd, Parr. Chances are you see a photo and you identify their work. Or they style at least! Yes, you may get tones of ideas for your photography and try to fit some details in your style. Studying the masters is always a good idea!

And then, after a few thousands of clicks... forget what everyone else is doing! Try your angle, your perspective, your settings, your subjects, your style!
Make your photographs, yours!

Amateur photographers should always look for enjoyment and creativity through their hobby. Photography is an art with no limits and as such it should be treated. Improvisation and ongoing effort is what we need. The personal style will for sure follow!

Your style fundamentals are always there

Check your old photographs from time to time. See if & how your style has changed over the years. Identify if this ongoing process has been affected by a piece of photography equipment, a seminar/workshop you have attended, a study on a photographer's work or this new technique you have tried the other day.
I find this extremely important to know what are the factors that change or improve us, as photographers, over the years.